Fitness Coach in Dubai


Fitness and health are two of my core areas of expertise. Here you change from “before” to “after”


So you care about your health?

At work, at home, on the road, the modern lifestyle changed the way we sit and move. The change costs, and it costs your health. Back Pain is the enemy that none of us could escape from.
Fortunately, Back Pain is a pain that you can feel, its health effects have red light to correct things.
But not every problem in your body warns you, some problems tell you too late.
What if you have health problems your body didn’t tell you about?
A health coach is there to discover, analyse and solve them to unleash the lost benefits of fitness and health



Offered by who understands the movement of every part of your body, bones, muscles, and nerves.


With Mo'fit, everybody’s body looks and feels its best fit and that’s real because the results don’t just happen, they are planned for.

Posture Correction

Your neck, shoulders, back, and the story of consistent pain ends here.

Influencer Marketing

If you want +62K humans to get deeply influenced by your business, Mo’Fit helps you.


What’s better than a sports trainer to show your products on the beauty of a well-built body? Awarded by Top 10 Dubai Muscle Show, 2017

Uncertain? Here’s your compass

Why Choose Mo’Fit


B.A. in Sport Coaching and Management, aside from many international training and certificates from 2007 until now.


A practitioner across government, police and biggest fitness centres in Dubai for 13 years.


By HH Skh. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Sports & Physical Fitness Program for Dubai Government Institutions, UAE army, and Dubai Police.